So we’re a little bit nervous given recent Oscars cock ups but… we have been shortlisted for two PR Moments Awards.

Best Social Media Campaign for #findshorn with Shorn Wine

Best Use of Low Budget – or as we prefer to call it Cost Effective Use of Creativity again for #findshorn

We’re hoping for no awkward La La moments, but we’re pretty certain Warren Beatty isn’t dishing out the gongs at the PR Moment Awards, but who knows, maybe he’s free that night now.

What we love about the #findshorn campaign is that it’s the perfect case study for what we do at The Forge.  We find creative, and yes cost effective, ways to get people talking and engaging with our clients’ brands.  It’s what we love about what we do and it’s why we come to work each day.  We know that we can create work that is worthy of people’s time, and let’s face it no one has much of that these days.  We also love Shorn the Sheep who adorns the label.

Shorn Sauvignon Blanc Limited Edition Black

We’re also working with a wonderful company called Drift Sleep at the moment.  They make gorgeous eco-friendly mattresses that have a 100% natural sleep surface, made using the wool from Yorkshire sheep.  In fact a super-cute little lamb cuddly toy comes with each mattress.  Maybe we just have a thing for sheep.  If the Sheep Farmers Union is reading feel free to get in touch.

The Drift Sheep

Wish us luck!