I kind of hate myself for writing this (and clearly I’ll never be a headline writer), but as we watched the #snapelection announcement today we were surprised by what she said but then increasingly distracted by her impeccable hairstyle being blown across Westminster.  I mean, we deplored #legs-it for its tragic use of everyday sexism, but maybe the use of some super strong hairspray on a windy day might have been advisable?


Aside from hirsute issues, we thought she was brilliant.  She managed to make the leaders of the opposition parties look like 7 year old boys arguing over tiddlewinks and expertly took the upper hand of leadership.  She just wants to ‘get the job done’ as she told us about 4 times, whilst they just want to fight amongst themselves.

Whatever you think of her politics (or her hair, which looked pretty good actually apart from the elemental blow drying) she did a fine job of the speech.  A no nonsense, get on with it, stop pissing about kind of job.  Just like a woman.

Thank God for the announcement though, life was getting boring for a minute there…