After a string of new client work and pitch wins we’re delighted to say that we are hiring.  We need two very specific people right now and more to follow in a few months.  So who are we looking for?

The actual roles are Senior Social Media Executive and Account Executive.  But we think that’s a bit limiting as descriptions go, we struggle with the conventional titles we use in this industry but we’re too busy to think of new ones (Forger? Crafter? maybe not).  So we’re going to tell you about the qualities of the people who work well here.

In no particular order we like people who are:

Friendly (this is bitchy free zone)

Committed –  to always doing the best you can – half measures are so dull.

Energetic – a bit intangible I know but energy is like a sparkle that surrounds people, it enters the room with you and lifts everyone.

Perfectly imperfect – and not afraid to admit it, honesty goes a long way here.  As does eccentricity.

Driven – by the whole team achieving great things.

Curious – curiosity is a wonderful attribute, it’s the bedrock of all creativity and means you’ll ask questions rather than accept the status quo.

We really are a close team here at The Forge and so that’s why we place high value on the attributes listed.  We kind of expect you to understand the social network dynamic, what’s new, what’s trending, what’s next…and we would assume you can write if you’re looking at a career in PR.  We also love to train people, we will put you on all the right training for your needs, we’ll nurture you and help you be the best PR you can be.  You will learn a shed load here.

Most of our clients are in the food and drink area so foodies, drinkies (doesn’t really work that one) are welcome, but so too is anyone who wants the challenge and joy of joining our business.  Three years old this year, growing fast, dynamic and award winning.  Anyone who joins The Forge will be a huge part of the culture of the agency and will reap the rewards of our continued growth.

Interested?  Give us a call on01483 821079 / 07950 315411 or email us at for a more ‘proper’ job spec and a chat.