Before podcasting, there was bobcasting…

Our ‘get the kettle on’ (rather than water cooler, we don’t have one, tap’s fine for us) moments tend to be podcast or box set based.  I guess this is a symptom of the world we live in, ‘normal’ telly is rapidly drifting into Avocado bathroom suite territory, for those too young to remember what that means (basically all the employees of The Forge, bar the founders), it’s old fashioned.

So when we’re not dissecting precisely why it took 6 seasons to figure out how to get rid of Greyscale (cut it off, der) or wondering when in the hell will they make Season 2 of The OA we are discussing podcasts.  So here are 5 we are loving right now:

1.Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History

Probably my personal favourite right now because I’m a sucker for his books and love the bite size random bits of knowledge they serve up.  The podcast is a fascinating look at history from a different perspective.  As he said in ‘Foot Soldier of Birmingham’ episode, and I paraphrase here “History is basically two sides to a story and one of them will win and become the truth”.  If you are fascinated with the ‘why’ of life this is a great listen, at 30 odd mins per episode it’s ideal for the journey to work.

2. Case File

A true crime podcast, with more detail and primary sources that you can shake a stick at.  It’s compelling and if we’re being moralistic it gives a voice to victims who otherwise would be forgotten.  That’s my way of dressing it up really, it’s essentially a ‘page turner’ in podcast form.  Each episode is about 1-2 hours long (so takes some commitment) and tackles a different crime from recent history.  Not for the faint hearted, but the narrator’s monotone voice takes much of the emotion out of it.  Some of them are too much for us to be honest.  But personal favourite is Sherri Rasmussen, live recordings of THE MOMENT are outstanding.  Other favourites from the team are Daniel Morcombe because of the classic twist and The Eriksson Twins is just weird.

3. S-Town

From the makers of Serial, so you know it’s going to be good.  But this is way more poetic, a deep look at an individual and his life, his purpose and again the ‘why’ of him.  Fascinating stuff.  It’s just the right mix of scene setting, interviews and author narrative. Brian Reed is underrated in the Serial team in my opinion, we want more of him please.

4. Desert Island Discs

You can’t have a list of podcasts without this really can you?  It’s the more obscure people we find more interesting, those who have lived extraordinary lives.  The music is normally incidental but in some cases is fundamental.  Particularly interesting episodes have been Nicola Adams the Olympic boxer and her steely determination, Julie Birchill for the way Kirsty nails it, Christiane Amanpour for her incredible war stories and 97 year old Pamela Rose one of the Bletchly girls, just well because can you imagine keeping those kind of secrets?

5. The Food Programme

Given the amount of food and drink we do here at The Forge this is really is mandatory listening for us.  Food trends galore, new ideas and excellent interviews with interesting people.


Looking for something to listen to on your way home? Try one of these.   Any to recommend? Let us know.