We welcome in the joy of 2018 with a raft of new clients in the food, drink and lifestyle areas.

Since we started way back in 2014, we’ve organically grown into lifestyle agency with the emphasis on the part of one’s life that involves eating and drinking, and sitting in beautiful places to do it. That said we do still love a bit of mobile tech, but I struggled to find a neat link.

We’re proud to welcome the following innovative, restless and very exiting clients to our growing business:

Brain Füd

The natural energy drink. This beauty will give you enough oomph for a decent 5 mile run or a workout – we an attest to that having tried it in the name of due diligence. It’s also extremely low in refined sugar which makes it a wonderfully healthy alternative to fizzy energy drinks. See it in Ocado very soon!

Coco Chocolatiers

Shunning the language of the multiple artisan chocolatiers (you know the type of thing – crafted from the dust of the unicorn horn and such) Coco is a wonderfully authentic brand, the chocolate is ethically sourced in South America and beautifully mixed and crafted then wrapped in stunning packaging in Edinburgh. The wrappers are a work of art. Quite literally. Each wrapper is actually a work of art by an artist selected for their individual style and quirkiness. The flavours are diverse and exciting from Gin & Tonic to Earl Grey, there’s even a haggis in there too! Buy it online.

Jake & Nayns

Jake and his brother Naynesh have achieved the impossible with the Naanster. A naan bread filled with curry that is healthy, delicious and microwaveable. Seriously how do they manage that without the bread becoming so hard it’d break your crowns? I don’t actually know, as they won’t tell us, but the result is pure indulgence in about a minute. More new products to come this year so look out for them in supermarkets.


The UK’s best loved plant-based food brand. If going completely vegan is not an option because you just can’t live without cheese then this is the product for you. It’s free of every allergy you care to name, plant-based, cruelty free indulgence. Available in supermarkets all over the country.

Patio Black Spot Removal Company

Who doesn’t love to sit on a beautiful patio enjoying a chilled glass of wine or a smooth rich coffee? But the annoying black spots and general lichen covered mess spoil it somewhat. The Patio Black Spot Removal Company is a classic, no nonsense, says precisely what it does type of brand. This is a unique product, and we’re excited about working with the home and garden titles and the many bloggers in this area. It’s an amazing product that will give your garden a facelift. Find it at garden centres.

So as you can see 2017 was a very busy year for us and 2018 is set to be even more so. Good job we choose to work with clients and people we like and get on with. Coming to work each day should be rewarding afterall.

As we continue to grow we continue to look for bright, happy, down to earth people to help us on our mission. So if you are a decent human being, who can write well, come up with ideas, speak your mind and select good play lists then email us hello@theforgecommunications.com.