2018 is a massive year for us here at The Forge.  A haul of exciting new clients, fantastic work with our existing clients and lots of other stuff planned.  So…we need more of you wonderful people to join us and help make this year and the years to come as good as they can be.

Who’s up for it?

Our recruitment policy is somewhat loose and tends to come almost entirely down to attitude. We kind of assume you know how to do the basics; write well, sell a story, talk with passion about clients you love.  It’s the other stuff we really care about.  Who are you and what drives you? What makes you want to get involved in PR? Why do you find social interesting? What is it about communications that makes you want a career in it?

We like people who are kind, honest, down to earth, eccentric and just happy to be themselves. People who always push to be the best they can and rarely just settle.  But what we don’t expect is for you to be perfect, perfect is just not possible quite frankly.  And that’s the point.  You will come here and you will learn so much, you will learn that a job should be something you enjoy, something that gives you purpose and makes you feel good.  You’ll have bad days, we all do, and that’s fine, but we guarantee that you’ll have more good days than bad.  You’ll meet wonderful clients, you’ll learn a ton and you’ll be so glad you joined us.

I should say we need an Account Executive, but to be honest we are growing so fast that we would love to meet people who are just starting out and those ready for the next step up.

So in short, if you think you’d like it here, you’re a hard worker and you love PR then get in touch with us. Email me at holly@theforgecommunications.com

Can’t wait to hear from you.