This week Jake Hawkins, our newest recruit writes a post about his experience at The Forge so far….

When thinking about my time at The Forge Communications – responsibility, team and gratefulness
are the first words that come to mind. I am working at the Forge Communications and have loved
my time here so far.

The first time I was at the Forge I was 17 and was here for a week’s work experience – they were
very pleased to have a new member in the office, giving me my own desk and always making sure
‘Are you having fun?’. They had me back a year later for more work experience and I subsequently
become an employee of the firm by the end of the two weeks. I was amazed that a job had been
created specifically for me, without any obvious vacancy in the firm.

Whilst working at The Forge I have quickly grasped what the firm is all about. Everyone is keen to
make sure that I understand all the clients and how the firm works, which makes it easy to settle in. I
have been given enough responsibility to keep me motivated, but not put me too far out my depth –
the perks of a smaller firm. My average day consists of lots of interaction, either in or out of the
office and lots of research into possible PR awareness for our clients. In my first week I drafted press
releases and contacted journalists about articles on the phone. We have an internal meeting each
week, whereby we all catch up on what we have achieved the previous week and what we want to
achieve the following week. I understand how crucial it is to make sure I am always working towards
something with direction.

Another massive motivator is the gratefulness shown for my work. Each time I get a client in a
magazine I get recognition for it in the workplace. The firm managed to achieve four more new
clients in one month. As a result each employee got a bottle of champagne, which is always a lovely

The whole company runs on tea – the fuel to our success, meaning tea rounds are a regular
occurrence and the milk shop happens daily. The office is rarely quiet; we always share ideas and
give everyone the heads up on what we are doing (even if it is just reading a funny article someone
has read).

Overall, The Forge has been such a great opportunity for me and has supported me a lot in the
beginnings of my career. I can definitely say I feel part of a tight knit team.