Person jumping for joy when offered a job here – it could be you. If indeed you are able to jump that high.

Oh yes, it’s that time again when The Forge opens it’s doors to the best, brightest and most decent human beings who just so happen to be looking to further (or start) their PR & Communications career.

What could be better? Look at the facts:

A small team.

You will learn from the very best the industry has (yeah okay that sounds a bit arrogant but a lifetime in PR will have some impact won’t it?). You will be challenged, stretched, tested and yes probably worked pretty hard – so this is NOT for the easy-lifers out there. Absolutely not.

An amazing client roster.

You will gain your skills, cut your teeth and learn to swim (is that even a metaphor?) on some of the UK’s most exciting brands in the food, drink and lifestyle space – and if you fancy learning how to ‘do’ b2b then we have that on the menu too.

A super positive outlook.

We’re not in denial, but we are fundamentally and intrinsically optimists at The Forge. You don’t start a business unless you believe in yourselves and what you do. So we like a glass half full and a silver lining.

A beautiful place to work.

We are based 30 minutes from Waterloo by train, but we have the canal, green space, woodland, breath taking views and some of the most gorgeous shops and places to eat on our doorstep.

What we want in return is:


No flakey attitudes please, grafters who are curious, who search for the insight, who have a thirst to learn about how we communicate and what makes people tick. We’re not hung up on degrees or years of experience, it’s all in the attitude and the ability and will to learn and push yourself.

Writing skills.

The old fashioned stuff; grammar, story telling, word economy. We’re not talking novels we’re talking punchy, pithy copy that’ll grab attention.

Communication skills

Remember a funny old device called a phone? We like those. We like using them. We like email, social media and all that too, but what can beat picking up the phone to really get the results? Not much.


It’s more important than you might think. Being kind makes you better – at everything you do. It’s proven (somewhere) and it’s what we value.

So if that sounds right for you, email me and I’ll send you more of a job spec. Or call me on 07950 315411 and get right to the point.