As we enter the third week of lockdown due to coronavirus I wanted to reflect on some of the key things we’ve learnt as agency.  It’s an emotional time and ‘business as usual’ is a challenge at times, but we all manage in different ways.

  • Having solid client relationships built on trust and respect matter more now than ever.  When we set up The Forge we were adamant we’d only work with people we genuinely liked.  It’s a privilege that we don’t take lightly.  But this is invaluable now, we are supporting our clients in what ever way we can and being flexible to meet their challenges as a team.


  • Business, as life, is cyclical.  It’s rarely a smooth upward curve when you run a business, there are multiple pitfalls and rises, but if over time if you can see a general trend toward growth then that’s okay.  We have learnt to be longer term in our thinking, to accept the downs and enjoy the ups.  What I’m saying is you literally never know what’s round the corner.  Just because you think something will happen or should happen doesn’t mean it will.  I think this is one of the biggest lessons this pandemic lockdown has taught us. Curveballs are out there.


  • Being kind is one of the greatest business assets.  It pays dividends at a time like this.  It also helps you to make sense of the chaos.  Treat people and clients with kindness,  who knows what personal battles they are facing.


  • Try and find virtue in disruption.  There are areas of the media right now that are flourishing and those that are dormant.  Use this time to foster new relationships and build new communities.  Be creative in your strategies, now is the time to take a few risks


  • Look after your team.  Now more than ever they need you to be in charge, I need Emma-Jo to be my boss she needs me to be hers.  Our team needs us to be in control.  Sometimes you need to make difficult decisions for the longer term good, and that’s okay but communicate with people, speculation leads to insecurity.

Finally do what you need to do to get through it.  If you have children at home then do what you feel is best, there are so many people trying to tell us how to manage and plan the day’s activities, how to home school, how to talk to our kids about coronavirus.  But really you know this.  If you’re a parent and you work and you’re at home with your children, you’ll have far more resource to deal with this than you may know.  You have the strength to manage this, you have no doubt managed worse things in your lives.

Be at peace with yourself and know that it will end and then we’ll all go back to worrying about which station to listen to on the office Alexa or if Starbucks does better coffee than Costa.  And who’s turn is it to make the tea….