To be honest I’ve kind of lost track of weeks.  What with my poor and laughable attempts at keeping my children vaguely civilised (no point calling it homeschool as that’s just nonsense), to my daily call with my wonderful team to the client calls and all the other adulting I’ve been doing the days are rolling into one another. 

Here are some more things I’ve learned though.

Clients are understanding 

We have never had so much ‘face to face’ time with our clients as we are having now.  Lockdown is the great leveller.  Most clients have ‘met’ my kids now and no one bats an eyelid when they come into the background of a zoom call. They say hello or understand if I need to attend to something urgent (finding a swimming costume for example *eyeroll*)

If working from home can work now then it can work again

We like to all be together, but there’s little point in having an empty office whilst we wait to get back to normal.  Or new normal, whatever that may be.  Our team has been amazing in working from home, nothing has been missed and everyone’s working brilliantly. It’s not a long term solution but it’s been easier than we thought.

I used to like a pub quiz but…

You can have too much of a good thing can’t you?  Having said that I’ll still be there for the Saturday night family and friends quiz because it’s about staying connected. And I have to beat my sisters. 

I wonder how it’ll change how we work in the future

Will we do less face to face meetings and more zooms?  Or will we rush back to the status quo pre-Corona?  I like to think we’ll take some of the good things with us in the aftermath.  


There are no winners or losers, just degrees of adaptability

We’re all making various wins and various losses during this.  I don’t know of anyone who’s killing it, apart from Mr Zoom, but I don’t know of anyone who’s given up hope either.  We’re all just learning to adapt.  It’s taking longer for some and others are more used to change and take it in their stride.  But the most important thing is we all support each other and we all look out for our colleagues and friends.  No one asked for this and no one was prepared.  We’re just keeping on keeping on in the best way we can.