I love Christmas…well the lead up to it anyway. I secretly wish Halloween out the way, wait patiently for Bonfire Night to stop whizzing and banging and then, for me, the jingle of Christmas can begin. The inner childlike excitement takes over and I’m having to stop myself from putting lights on our potted Christmas trees and assemble the light-up reindeer I bought back in August and have hidden from the husband. Even the children are telling me ‘NO! It’s too soon!’ Bah humbug to them, I say! 


As much as I love it – as soon as it’s come though, I’m done with it. Yes, that’s right – I will embrace the whole of December (and, oh ok, the last two weeks of November), but once a boozy-reuniting-with-family Christmas Eve shindig has occurred and a panicked, alcohol spinning, 3am wake up to check the right presents went into the right stockings – that’s it – for me Christmas is done. I’m ready to pack it up, de-sparkle and return to a sense of calm and normality. 


But step back six weeks and I am in a constant whirlwind of all the joy that Christmas brings. The utter annoyance I feel if someone on social claims it’s far too early to be talking about Christmas is overwhelming and I declare them, quite simply a fun sponge. 


The darker, colder nights, the log fires crackling and oozing a smell so synonymous with the festive season, a glass of red wine…just because. The shops are glistening and full of tempting, heart attack inducing festive foods to eat, and you guessed it the Christmas ads start to air. 


Forget advent calendar’s giving us a countdown to Christmas – the real countdown begins when the first Christmas ads start to air! What joy! Everyone talks about the Christmas ads – it’s become an annual date in the diary. 


For me, this year, it’s Coca Cola that’s pulled it out of the bag. What a thought provoking, creative story line and a much-needed change from the brands usual Holiday’s Are Coming truck ads. Whilst I’d still not buy Coke (actually maybe I would, but just a Diet Coke for my Christmas Day hangover), the ad left me thinking of those who will be on their own this year and if it was me hosting – I’d be on my phone now asking them to join me and my gang. It might not be possible for the actual day, but there are 363/4 other days in the year – so come on everyone – the Coca Cola ad isn’t just for Christmas. 

Season’s Greetings to you all – for whenever you choose to get a little festive!