We launched The Forge because after many years working for the big global and UK based networks, we took a step back and really scrutinised the work we saw.  On the whole the work that left those illustrious buildings was of very a high quality, maybe the odd typo where an account exec had rushed to get a draft finished and a harried AD had missed it.  Possibly some data read incorrectly skewed the results of some survey or other. Nothing too awful, but not really good enough. Creativity for the sake of it was replacing strategic thinking and cold hard media results were often sacrificed to build something more shiny.

When we took that step back we realised that what was happening was the gradual homogenisation of communications, specifically Public Relations.  Which is kind of fine if you want to jog along in the industry.  But we didn’t, we wanted to stand for something different. Which is why we created our own way of doing things, we call it Handcrafted Communications.

Here is our pledge.

1. All clients are not created equal. One’s article in the Daily Mail is another’s profile in Freight Management Today. Do not use the same frame of reference for all clients.

2. If your approach is handcrafted it will always be individual to the client brand. By definition this creates stand out.

3. Resist the urge to ‘go with what you know’. Take time to find the right opportunity, the best idea that will suit the client, not the agency.

4. Gain glory for your clients, not for yourself (although the two aren’t mutually exclusive)

5. Challenge often and challenge smartly. We are experts in communications, it is our job to ask difficult questions of our clients.  That is how we know what they really want so that we can craft the best campaigns.

6. Work with clients who do good work themselves. Stuff you can believe in.  This is what makes the job fun and motivating.

7. Treat colleagues, clients and other PR agencies with respect. We are all in the same game. We should all work together.

8. Never tell anyone to ‘be more creative’.  This is entirely counter-productive and deeply insulting.

9. Work with decent, honest people. Integrity is everything.

10. Never be afraid to learn something new, the industry is evolving and it’s a great time to be a part of it.