We’ve all been there.  The warm Prosecco (the really cheap stuff that limply fizzes and then gives up), the awkward conversation with a colleague you only know from the chat whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, the what-have-I-got-to-lose attitude as the Prosecco takes hold and you start to tell people what you really think.  Followed by the crap dancing, the endless search for a cab home or the endless search for a bar that will take in the sorry motley lot who are left after the dry speeches and awards have been handed out.

The office party.  It can be a bit, well a bit underwhelming really can’t it? But why? It should be brilliant, after all the blood, sweat and tears you put in for your employers through the year the least you can expect is a decent party.  Most have graduated from being in the actual office (remember those days?), but some of the venues we’ve experienced in previous jobs have made the photocopying room look positively inviting.

So as luck would have it we have a lovely client, be-good events, who specialise in democratic deconstruction, which means they know how to throw a good party (amongst many other things). In fact we were lucky enough to go to their Christmas party and I’m not entirely clear on how I got home, but that’s another story…

So enough waffle, here’s their top tips on how to avoid #christmaspartyfail

1. Music is the food of fun! Get your playlist sorted and fill the dance floor early. Ask your people to nominate secret santa tracks for their colleagues and a few of their own faves too.

2. Fun can happen anywhere. Turn expectations upside down and avoid the predictable Christmas Party venues. Sometimes transforming your own office can provide a really fun twist if you really put a spin on it – and hide/clear all the evidence the following day (v important this one!)

3. DIY brings people together. Avoid disappointing menu deals and soggy Christmas dinner options – set up make your own pizza, taco or pasta sauce stations. The next day your people will thank you very much for moreish, appealing comfort food in abundance.

4. Capture the mood. Provide a random supply of costumes and props and an instant photobooth…. Oh and digital copies to laugh over the next day!

5. Cause a riot! A few prepared pranksters and performers from your own stable of talent will always provide festive sparkle. OR…

6. Writing’s on the wall. Everyone knows it all comes out at the office party… so go with it and make light of it ahead of any drama. Set up a graffiti wall confessional and get some great insight while you’re at it 😉

Merry Christmas!