My First Week - not quite this scary

My First Week – not quite this scary

Fast, Frantic and Full On. But a lot of Fun!

This would be a pretty good summary of my first week.

Matt, the new guy

Matt, the new guy


I’m Matt, The Forge’s newest recruit as an Account Executive. I’m a 24 year old, Public Relations graduate from Bournemouth University. After recently returning from a year travelling in Australia, not taking life too seriously, it was about time I got my head down.

Looking for somewhere I could come in and actually make a difference rather than just being a number lost in a big organisation, I came across The Forge.

Having a genuine passion for good PR and an eye for business, it seemed like the perfect fit.

After a successful interview, I was eagerly awaiting my start date. When the time came, I was shown to my pristine white desk with a brand-new MacBook Air delicately placed in the middle.

Very happy to see my new setup, I made a note to myself, ‘This looks good Matt, keep it this tidy!’…

 Just being in the office a few minutes, I was instantly struck by the passion and enthusiasm oozing around the room. It’s clear these girls love what they do. And they’re good at it too! Their passion is contagious, so with my eagerness, it was time to get stuck in!

Get to Work

Get to work

Get to work

While frantically catching up on client handbooks I was pulled into a conference call where we discussed upcoming plans. Feeling like I now had a grip on the events, I proceeded to get back into the PR routine, by writing a good old-fashioned press release. And from there, I haven’t looked back.

Day two, and I was already out the office. I was enrolled in an ‘Introduction to PR’ course at the PRCA in London. Recapping on what I learned at university, I was also given an insight into PR strategies and tactics, gaining invaluable training that I am now eager to use on a campaign.

Midweek, we went for lunch and over an enjoyable glass of bubbly, I was officially welcomed to the team. This was the perfect chance to get to know each of the girls away from the office, and being such a small team, it was nice to feel welcomed into the little Forge Family.

There’s a good buzz about the work we are all doing and everyone is there to actually make a positive difference. As we know, every business will inevitably have its ups and downs, but it’s so reassuring to know that whether we’re laughing, or crying, we’ll be doing it to progress together.

There’s no corporate bullsh*t to worry about, and certainly no office politics. And that’s exactly how it should be. It means we can actually do PR and that’s what I’m really excited about!

The Future

You get a sense of hunger and tenacity from Holly and Emma-Jo. They’re proud of what they’ve built at The Forge (and rightly so) and their desire to see it succeed is clear. I’m just looking forward to playing my part in making their dream a reality.

But listen up girls, I’m more than happy to have the office chitchat about where’s the best place to get your nails done, or what colour the little decretive birds on the wall should be. But it does mean you’ll have to show some sort of enthusiasm on a Monday morning when I want to talk about the weekend’s football… capiche?

So here’s to the future! In an exciting time for all of our careers, I look forward to telling you all our stories of success!

Oh, and by the way. That pristine white desk I wanted to keep tidy. This was it by Friday…

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