Setting up your own PR agency is no mean feat. The risk, the pressure, the financial impact, the constant worry and not forgetting the inner-voices’ frequent self-doubting chatter! But despite all these feelings (which are normal, right?) when Holly and I put the wheels in motion these pressure points only became a key driver for us to succeed.

Coming from a large global agency, we had all the support we could think of – HR, a finance department, office manager, a PA and a wonderful eclectic mix of budding PRs. We had all this on a plate and with our instinctive belief of offering and delivering best in class work it was no wonder we were good at what we did.

When The Forge was formed it was just the two of us. We instantly became all these things – the HR and finance department, the eager graduate trainee, the publicist, the office manager (we’ve grown fond of, the ‘post and pack’– we turned our hand and brains to everything and anything – and all whilst trying to form a business, build our client base – oh and get the work done. And boy have we learnt a thing or two!

At the beginning of this year, we decided to make a phone call to the PRCA, the largest PR association in Europe. It was quickly decided that we wouldn’t just go for their standard membership, but we’d go for the top accolade they offered – their Communications Management Standard. In other words ‘the gold standard of service for the PR industry’.


Most of those that knew us in our past life would have laughed at our, what might have been considered, ‘rash’ decision. But naturally we had things in place. We had to. We entered this world of start-up alone. We want clients to know we offer and deliver best in class work, we want staff to hugely benefit from working at The Forge. We had to do it the right way from the start – after all we are a proper outfit and in it for the long run.

So three months away from The Forge’s first birthday and a client list to be proud of – we passed the PRCA’s Standard. To say we’re chuffed is an absolute understatement. It’s made us really proud of what we’ve achieved – across the board – in such a short space of time and only inspires us further to reach that next gold.

A proud day for The Forge family!