Summertime means different things to everyone. It even means different things to the same people. For me it’s all about spending as much time outside as physically possible.

Even with the comparatively good weather we’ve had this summer, this becomes pretty difficult when you’re in a relatively new business working in the office. However, we’re a creative bunch, or at least we like to think we are. So when the genius idea of having a summer party / one year birthday / excuse for a glass of champagne came up, we dreamed. Ohhh we planned. And ohhh we executed.

What did we do I hear you ask? We went on a canal boat.

I know, I know. Don’t push the ____ out guys (Sorry). I wasn’t all that sold at first either – but what a choice, it’s actually so much fun!

Don’t get us wrong; we had considered a generic bar session or a trip to a new edgy London attraction that we read about in Time Out. But we wanted something different and actually, we wanted something local.

So there we were, Holly and I registering at 9am down at the Farncombe Boathouse for our tutorial on knots, locks and steering. All seemed pretty logical. Except it wasn’t. Amidst all the excitement, it turns out I’d just assumed Holly was listening, she just assumed I was listening – we had a problem. So by the time EJ and Olivia joined us, we had about half the knowledge of tying a knot whilst entering a lock, a clipboard of emergency instructions and more booze than the Titanic. What could go wrong?IMG_9320

Thankfully, regular canal boat users, (don’t know their correct name – let’s call them Canallers) were there to help with locks leaving us to enjoy the scenery and after some well-negotiated parking and we had our lunch spot.


Some more meandering downstream and we made it in to Guildford town centre. You get a different sense for a place you walk through everyday when you see it from a new angle. We seldom see the calm, happy things in our local towns. Too caught up in being late for a conference call while rushing back from Tesco. You don’t really appreciate what’s around you. Guildford is actually very pretty.

I guess the same could also be said for your team – they’re pretty, obviously (nice one, Matt, racking up the brownie points), but also seeing things from a different light. I think we’ll mutually agree that whilst working together, we have a really good understanding of each other and have quickly built an enjoyable working friendship. But stick four people who are usually working on a computer onto a canal boat, with endless bottles of bubbly, and you start to see different sides of each other. Turns out we’re hilarious…


5 O’clock and we docked back in Farncombe, but not set with our days outing, a quick cab to the pub and we were back in a stable environment (sort of) for more antics. Cue another team photo…


Anyway, for the teams sake, I probably shouldn’t go into too much detail. What I will say though is that although we work together, it certainly shouldn’t restrict any of the fun. Being expressive and joyful is all about what makes us good PRs. It’s what reflects back on the work we do. So chances like this, for us to celebrate all that the great about The Forge is something we take very seriously.

One issue though. How do we top that for the Christmas bash…?

Speak soon,