Team work makes the dream work as Olivia likes to say.  And she’s right of course.  After a rather exhilarating, if slightly hardcore bootcamp weekend on the beautiful Jurassic Coast (more on that in a bit) we came back to find that we’d been shortlisted for the PRCA’s New Consultancy of the Year Award.  This is a huge achievement for us, given we only launched in July 2014.  The hard work is paying off, with every new client we win, every project we deliver and every decision we make.

At the jurassic coast - top of the world!

At the jurassic coast – top of the world!

At the heart of The Forge is our team.  We have been really lucky to find such great people and whilst we love a few drinks down the pub we also like to stretch ourselves mentally and physically.  And boy did we do just that at the weekend.

Circuit training, coasteering (jumping off 30 ft cliffs in case you didn’t know..), running up VERY steep hills and playing games round a camp fire with a group of about 20 others will certainly test your metal.  We found out stuff about ourselves and each other;

  • Olivia’s spiritual animal is a dolphin and she can actually speak dolphin (really, it’s weird)
  • Matt’s got a brother he didn’t tell us about.  We found out from someone who’d known him for 6 hours.  Disgraceful.
  • Emma-Jo has a scary kind of determination that propelled her up a vertical hill beaten only by triathlete and regular Ironwoman participant
  • Holly (that’s me) realised that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was, squats are NOT my friend

So clearly tomorrow for Matt’s belated birthday celebration we will indeed be off to the pub.  We have ALOT of good work to undo.

Thank you to our wonderful clients who have given us the opportunity to get this far. We promise we will continue to do our very best for you!

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