Reflections.jpg reflection-in-the-mirror

It’s been a rollercoaster month for The Forge. We’ve moved offices, been at the PRCA Awards with our wonderful clients, taken on new staff and won new clients including Colliers Powerful Cheddar, Premium Distribution Drinks and Black Swan Dragonfly. Welcome!

We can now draw breath and reflect on some on the things we have learnt about being a new consultancy in the PR industry:

  1. Make friends with other creative agencies (big and small and not just PR). We are stronger together and we can learn from each other, and anyway it’s nice to be friendly isn’t it?
  1. Always give the best most honest advice you can to your clients. We are holders of a specific skill set. We know how to communicate in a variety of channels with a variety of audiences. We should never take anything at face value. Our counsel is our product. We must always keep our integrity.
  1. Find a space that is conducive to productivity. We moved out of serviced offices into our own office space recently and already we are more productive, happier and more creative. We have space to breath (plus we don’t have to share a kitchen with a load of randoms – nice as I’m sure they were…).
  1. Only hire people you get on with. We have been SO lucky at The Forge. We are now 5 people and we all get on brilliantly. If we didn’t then life would be hard. I’m not saying you have to be the greatest friends outside work, but a shared humour, commitment and choice of radio station helps.
  1. Everything will matter a lot more. When you work for someone else life is about doing the best job you can do and making sure you deliver. But when you set up on your own what you previously thought was good work would barely get over the start line of what you’d expect to deliver now. Quality takes on a whole different meaning, when it reflects you, your brand and your reputation.
  1. Being a PR agency is like being a dentist’s daughter. You will likely neglect your own PR, as the proverbial dentist’s daughter’s teeth will be rubbish. You need to make an effort here, but doing your own PR is a bit like writing a glowing biography. Slightly cringey but very important.

Just 6 things we’ve learnt. There are more, but they are more for a conversation in the pub that on our company blog!

Happy Friday.