We love poetry. And cats

We love poetry. And cats

We burst into 2016 with a vigour and energy reminiscent of a cat shinning up a wall to escape a rabid dog.  I’ve never seen a cat do that but it was GREAT to get back. Christmas and all that was wonderful, family time and fun but it’s good to be back and focussed on making 2016 the year of The Forge.

So onto Poetry at Work Day (there’s a made up PR ‘day’ if ever there was one) and we’ve been putting our creative writing to the test.  All I can say it’s a good job our clients hire us to communicate not to write poetry or we might have a few issues.  That said it’s rather liberating.  So here goes:

Liv’s up first

We are the forge, a family of five
PR’s what we do, and boy do we strive
We’re passionate, fun and love a good laugh
And we smell good too, we love a bath


We are The Forge Family of five
We love what we do and don’t live in a dive
In fact our offices would give you a thril
And the work we do is utterly brill
2016 – onwards and upwards we strive

Holly (me)

Detox is dull
It numbs the skull
Add dry Jan to the mix
And I’ve been in a fix
Starving and thirsty
I want a wine or six


At The Forge we like to win,
If, PR or sport we’re always free of sin,
As we keep control all over life,
The girls go home to play the wife,
We love our work if big or small,
The Forge really is at the heart of us all

Our clients love us, they’re full of praise,
And we leave the office with smiles for days,
The laughs we have are more than fine,
It’s Friday now, pass the goddamn wine.