It’s Spring already how did that happen?


As news agenda items go, the EU referendum is pretty much taking over, along with inheritance tax and dodgy off shore investments. We’ve been challenging ourselves to think of the ways that our wildly various clients can react to Brexit. Well we started to as we found out that 65% of over 55’s will vote for Brexit for our client; but a friendly journalist pointed out that Glastonbury was taking place at the same time – so how many old hippies will be rocking down to Earth, Wind and Fire whilst neglecting to vote?

What we were more interested in were the changes to the directors’ dividend taxes, a subject eloquently articulated by our client Brooks Macdonald, the asset management firm with numerous regional offices in the Uk for whom we work. If you don’t know about this then the chances are you’re not a business owner, but if you do then you’ll share our somewhat muted reaction.

Other than that we have been taken with the rise of food brands in the gluten free category, like our friends at Lizi’s Granola. We even spotted gluten free beer recently. Who knew?

Royal Gold

On the subject of beer we’re delighted to be working with Collier’s Royal Gold, the real ale from the joint venture of Collier’s cheese and the Gower Brewery. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a slice of nutty Collier’s cheddar.