The wonderful thing about PR is that no week is ever the same…and this week was proof of that – we wouldn’t have it any other way. Monotony breeds boredom and it’s this ‘M’ word that we like to keep firmly outside The Forge’s four walls. We just don’t like it. That’s why our clients love us and we think we’re a great place to work! So here’s a snapshot of our ‘non-monotonous’ week:


Well this was a Bank Holiday – we all did our various things – from gardening to visiting family to even going on a double date.


Tuesday saw The Forge Family set off on our annual visit to London’s Wine Fair. Each year it takes us by surprise at how HUGE the wine category really is. To give a number of the bottles of wine on show for our tasting (and spitting in a ladylike manner) was vast. If anyone knows, we’d love to know.


We met up with some friends we made last year. Michael Weiner – he’s an importer and he pretty much knows everybody (whose anybody). He serves the best Champagne in the house (OK Olympia!), but he’s a nice genuine guy and we really like him.

Then we met up with our Shorn friends from Kingsland Drinks. We’re about to launch a social media campaign for them and it was very important that we caught up over a glass of ‘just-launched-that-moment’ Shorn Sparkling. Yum!

Screenshot 2016-05-06 17.14.19

The new Shorn Sparkling!

Next on our list was meeting with Premium Brands Distribution – we did some very important trade work for them in the lead up to Christmas last year. Safe to say, they’ve now got some listings and things are looking good.

We then went on our rather merry way and met some other lovely people (aka NBF’s). There was Fred from Chase Distillery – a lovely young guy, a brand with a great story to tell and delicious Gin! Happy Days.

Then we met three Spaniards – Eduardo and Alec (the co-founders) have produced a rather delicious red and white Sangria! Very energetic guys with a passion for serving Spain’s favourite tipple to the people of the UK.


The Three Amigos

It was a great day out and hopefully an important day in terms of growing our business.


This has been hailed as Winning Wednesday – we found out we’ve been shortlisted for the PRCA’s DARE award – New Agency of the Year. We don’t find out until July if we’ve won it, but just getting shortlisted is a WIN! Well done The Forge – hard work paying off!


An accolade for The Forge


We met with Matt Lovell, elite sports nutritionist to discuss the impending launch of Lizi’s High Protein Granola. Matt is Performance Nutritionist to the England football team – we all know what big sporting event is coming up – so we’re very proud to be working with him! Some exciting stuff to come – so watch this space!


Olivia and Aimee did a round of desk sides for our clients Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar and Lizi’s Granola. To say our ‘bread and butter’ press office is working seamlessly is an understatement. We’ve had some cracking coverage this week for our clients and some awesome bits to land in time for summer!

And now it’s the weekend. What a relief it may be, but we always look forward to Monday’s and learning what the week ahead has in store for us.

Enjoy the sunshine & cheers!


The Forge