I’m Aimee, and I started at The Forge just over a month ago – pleasure to meet you!

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It’s my turn to take over the blog this week, and so I thought I’d share a little insight as to what it’s really like to work at The Forge.

So without further ado, here we go…

5 signs you work at The Forge Communications: 

  1. ‘Dull’ retires its sorry self from your vocabulary.
    Say a cheery goodbye to those bleak Monday mornings spent grumbling into your coffee and contemplating running away for a life at sea (no? just me then…); life at The Forge is never boring. From chatting with some top-notch journalists, to heading down to conferences and events, to meeting with brilliant clients both old and new, no week at The Forge is the same. We just don’t do mundane.
  1. Brainstorms go big or go home!
    We’ve all been there, sitting in a ‘creative thinking’ session where ‘Maybe… um. No, never mind.’ are the only words that puncture the awkward silence.







Not us! We plonk ourselves down on the sofas and don’t budge until we’ve come up with a whole heap of bespoke, handcrafted and unique ideas for our clients – if we have enough caffeine, you can even see the energy zinging around! We pride ourselves crafting brilliant ideas that always come to fruition, not to mention bag us a few award nominations!

3. Wine is way of life.
Be it a birthday, anniversary, Tuesday or just because the wind is blowing in a southerly direction, we can always find an excuse for a glass of vino after work!


4. Your colleagues are a squad to be reckoned with…
We’re all a bit ‘unique’ in our own separate ways, from dolphin impressions, green tea addictions, skincare obsessions and stationery fanaticisms, but put us all together with a common goal and we’ll smash it right out of the park! As EJ always says, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work!’ and together we bounce around ideas, deliver great campaigns for our clients and have a good few laughs along the way.


5. Your storytelling gets a whole lot more creative.
Everyone knows that you need a bit of verbal flair to work in PR, but here at The Forge, we take pride in our abilities to share your brand’s story in an imaginative and memorable way. We’re also pretty good at entertaining each other with anecdotes of the weekend’s shenanigans on a Monday morning… Because no great story ever started with lemonade, amiright?

So that’s it! A little snippet of what we get up to over here at The Forge HQ.

As for me, I’ve had an amazing few weeks here so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds at The Forge.

Cheerio until next time!

Aimee x