There’s a picture by my dressing table of Joanna Lumley, dressed as the infamous Patsy Stone, clutching a bottle of vodka and cigarette whilst pouting in designer sunglasses. The caption is ‘What would Patsy do, sweetie?’

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It’s a notion that I’m rather fond of whilst I’m applying my lipstick in a morning – the gung-ho, flippant, ‘Oh let’s give it a go and crack open the Bolly if it doesn’t go to plan, sweetie darling.’ attitude to the day. A reminder to try your best, do it fabulously and don’t take yourself too seriously along the way; an idea that we could all benefit from sometimes.

(Disclaimer: I do, of course, condone this outlook in moderation… I don’t want you all sloshing vodka over your Lizi’s Granola in a morning!)

With the launch of the new Absolutely Fabulous film this weekend, the media activity around the premiere has caught more than a little bit of attention on how akin to real life the movie’s booze-swilling, glamorous and downright vague depiction of PR really is.

It isn’t the first time either. When I tell people that I work in PR, the first question asked by many is ‘So what exactly is that? What do you do?’

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It’s really quite simple – we’re storytellers. We craft a brand, we position, we plan, we write, we multi-task, we influence, we tell the truth, we educate, we coolly manage your crises when you get in a flap and we keep our eyes peeled for brilliant media opportunities for our clients.

There’s a reason we’re all constantly on our smart phones and laptops, chugging back coffee – PR, like the news, never stops!

Here at The Forge, we love what we do and we make sure that we deliver the best hand-crafted and bespoke communications this side of the silver screen.

Any ideas of sleazy publicists and long, boozy lunches can be tossed straight back to the eighties where they belong; we make sure that we get to know your business, give counsel and fully understand your story with efficiency and dexterity. And believe me when I say that with our jam-packed little black book and our varied skill-sets, there is very little that we can’t turn our hand to!

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We’re a friendly bunch who love a chat, so get in touch with us today to find out more about the amazing things we can do and how we can help your business grow.

And whether you think Ab Fab’s portrayal of PR is absolutely crackers or not, at the end of a politically charged week, I for one can’t wait to sneak the bubbly into the cinema and have a bloody great big laugh, sweetie.


Aimee x

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