We love tea here at The Forge. We had a recent obsession with green tea in the belief that it would magically melt away pounds but our tastes are wide and varied. Which is why we are so delighted to be working with the gorgeously stylish London Tea Company. We love the Sencha Green tea and the Zingy Lemon & Ginger is a great mid-afternoon pick me up.


We can’t wait to greet some top lifestyle and foodie bloggers to an exclusive tasting at London Tea HQ, to meet the chief tea blender and try the wonderful brews.

Brew Crew Range-8533

We’ve also been enjoying the delicious Lizi’s Granola Muffin and slice of Granola cake; in fact it’s a guilt free treat because of course Lizi’s is wonderfully good for you and gives long lasting energy.


So all in all we’re feeling very satisfied right now!

Now, who’s turn is it to put the kettle on…?