Ok so I’m not going to write about what one might strictly speaking call ‘sport’ but I reckon anything that gets your heart pumping and your muscles working qualifies, particularly as sports for women of a certain age are fairly limited.  Aside from running I do yoga.  This is essential to my work life balance and my balance in general (which sometimes lets me down and I go headfirst into the unsuspecting yogi in front of me mid-tree pose.).


Way back when before I had kids I loved yoga, it was a great counter to my daily cycle to work, through the perils of South London, Vauxhall Cross and the City.  Nothing like a back bend to cure cyclists stoop (yes I made that condition up but I think it works). Gosh I sound so healthy and virtuous, how wonderfully misleading!

Anyway I have returned to it now and my goodness me it’s wonderful.  It instills a sense of peaceful calm in me, but is also fantastically good for focus and maintaining balance in high pressured situations at work.  It helps to manage t

Perfect thinking time

The stress of running a business and it provides much needed ‘me time’ (how I hate that over-used phrase) when all around me plates are spinning.  Granted my crow needs some work and my headstand is a trifle wobbly and actually I’m very far from being anywhere near the Instayogis who create ever more bizarre pretzel shapes but that’s not what matters.  And therein lies the lesson my friends.

Yoga, like life, is not about trying to be something you’re not, it’s about making the very best of what you have.  It’s not just about the physical challenge, it’s about the mental one too.  A yogic way of life is far more than drinking herbal tea and chanting a few oms. It’s about being a decent human being, being kind and honourable.  And that is a tenet of our business and something we value very highly here at The Forge.

And now it’s time to nip off for an indulgent savasana also known as corpse pose, also known as lying down.  Perfect.