The Forge is deliriously proud to announce that we won our first social media award last week at The Drum Social Awards in London.

We wish we could give you a link to the winning competition ‘Find Shorn’ so you could have a play yourself but it was a one-month contest which has since been put to bed. So let us tell you a little bit about it…

The brief from Kingsland Drinks was simple. “Our Shorn ‘Limited Black Edition’ Sauvignon Blanc has been listed exclusively in Morrisons. We want to shout about it. We want people to search for it. Go!”


Shorn Sauvignon Blanc Limited Edition Black


We wanted the idea to be simple and fun with lots of personality. We wanted people to spend time looking for Shorn and being rewarded for doing so. We wanted people to visit Morrisons and try the wine. And so Find Shorn was born.

The competition was built on Google Maps using Street View. 100,000 white Shorn the sheep were distributed on streets around the UK as well 10,000 black Shorns and one golden shorn. Find three black Shorns and you’d be entered into a daily prize draw but find the elusive golden Shorn and an iPad Mini or case of wine was yours.

Clues to the whereabouts of the golden Shorns were announced on the @shornwines twitter feed as well as various competition websites and partners (including the wonderfully named @winewankers with 329k followers) in exchange for promotion. At the competition’s peak, people we searching for an average of 16 minutes in a session!


Key to the competition’s success was interacting with our players. We told people when they were hot or cold in proximity to the golden Shorn, we named white Shorns after our favourite players and got them to share a photo if they saw their name-sake, we even gave out 2,500 fridge magnets to reward people for their efforts.

Stats were amazing. We expected 5,000 entries, we received 10,706. We hoped for 3,000 unique players, we saw 8,734.

And then we received the sales figures which blew us away…official numbers showed a 70% uplift in sales during the time we were live.

It was a great night at the awards. Dressed in our black tie finest we took part in our first Mannequin Challenge although didn’t make the final cut. Probably for the best…

Big thanks to the Neil Anderson, Jo Taylorson, Hannah Kennedy and the rest of the team at Kingsland Drink for believing in the idea and giving us complete freedom to execute the campaign. Also a big thanks to creative developer Greg Findon for delivering the campaign on time, within budget and with bags of personality. Look out for Find Shorn 2.0 in 2017.