Privacy Policy

The Forge Communications Ltd is a PR and communications agency that exists to support effective communications between brands & services and their audiences through multiple media platforms and channels. As such we may handle some personal information, primarily freelance journalists, competition winners and influencers who give us personal data rather than company contact details. Because of this we have updated our privacy policy in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.
Respecting individuals and their privacy has always been a priority for us. We pride ourselves on providing information to the media that is useful for the job they do rather than randomly spam journalists. The new data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is relevant to us in terms of how it impacts us in the context of media relations.

We process journalist and influencer data for our legitimate interest in providing PR and communication services which helps our clients (brands and services) communicate and maintain awareness. These services serve the interests of both our clients, who wish to share information about their organisations and journalists who wish to keep informed on what is happening in the sectors they cover. This is known as media relations and is a well-established practice.

We also receive data, on behalf of our clients, for individuals such as competition winners or a member of the general public who wishes to engage with us on behalf of our clients. Similarly some ‘influencers’ (bloggers, social media users) may not be permanently employed by a media organisation but do wish to receive information from us about our clients brands. These are also legitimate interests since there is a purpose and necessity to the processing of data.

We have reviewed all personal data held at The Forge and we have disposed of any contacts not used for legitimate interests, or anything we no longer need in order to carry out our business. We have not and will not send unsolicited newsletters or information about our company to people unless they have asked for it. In the event we need to use personal data we will request consent following the ICO guidelines.